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Asalamulakium wa Rahmit Allah wa Barakatuh to my muslim brothers and sisters, and hello to my non muslim brothers and sisters.

My name is Sawsan Omar I’m born in Australia, I come from a Lebanese and part Greek background. I was raised in Australia and also lived in New York for about twelve years of my adult life. I grew up knowing that I am a Muslim, and although I haven’t always lived the Muslim way of life I knew Allah the greatest was true.

I’ve always had a passion for Allah swt, and sharing what I have learned in the hopes others will also benefit. However, I’m seeing that sometimes the advice I want to give I need myself so in saying that this blog is an outlet for me, and is based on my lessons, and experiences as I now go along with life practicing Islam. I do hope this project gets me closer to Allah the creator and, it’s relatable to others. Though, I am not a coach or teacher these experiences are my own, and about the things, I’m uncovering about my own character -realizing the changes I need to make for contentment here, and for Allah swt to be pleased.

Jazakium Allah khayr, May Allah the Greatest give you Goodness, for tunning in. Ameen

*You’ll notice not all the work I publish will come in order since I have some drafts that are sitting in my folder that I may publish after

Get it Str8

Bismillah, I really love this book, last night I was thinking to myself somethings not right, why am I feeling kind of down, so I start tracing my steps to see what am I not doing and it hit me. I usually read my book Al- Ahadith Al- Qudsiya (Divine Narratives) Translated by Dr AbdulContinue reading “Get it Str8”


When we think about the things we love or even the simple things that balance us out like reading or exercise though don’t have the time to do it, what’s the reason for living then. I have to ask myself now that I have clocked some years is, there are things I love doing andContinue reading “Urgent”

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